Maurice Riddick

Maurice Riddick is from Suffolk Virginia, he played a Bethune Cookman University and avg 18.1 a game his senior year. Breaking the school record for the most threes made and the most in a season. He later played in the NBA summer league with a free agent team. After his chance to try to impress the scouts he left to start his career where he played in Mexico, Argentina, Holland, China and Brazil for 13 years. Between those years he would participate in camps and basketball clinic in different countries helping  kids to learn the basic fundamental of basketball. He trained high division 1 basketball players and ever NBA Pros. In the preseason of 2015 he was force to make a career ending decision due to an injury to his achilles. It was a tough decision but it was time. He retired as a player and was hired right away as an assistant coach in Panteras de Aguascalientes. That's what started his coaching career where now he have coach for Barrateros de Zacatecas and back in Ostioneros de Guaymas. In between the season he work with the NBA Nike Americas and NBA camps in Mexico.