I Play Elite is a Basketball Academy based in United States of America.


The system focuses on providing each individual with the necessary basketball skills to excel, the physical capabilities to perform these skills at an elite level. We also educate the players about the importance of nutrition and mental health in order to maximize and reach their full potential.


Whatever the player's aspirations might be, Having staff members with over 40 years of experience combined at a professional level, we intend to provide the players with the opportunity to maximize their abilities both on and off the court. Programs run year around and offer full time training (5days/week) or part time training (2 to 3days per week) to focus on the development of our players. Our programs are designed to emphasize how important it is to train like a pro, approach the game mentally like a pro and live like a pro in order to maximize results on the court.

We provide expert training in the following areas:

- skills training for your specific position

- Basketball specific physical conditioning

- individual/ team strategy

- off court Basketball training

- eating better and being mentally prepared.

Founded in 2015, the I Play Elite academy was created with the intention of developing the next generation of Basketball players all over the world. Having played in different countries around the world, we decided to give back to the game what it has given us. We've traveled to Europe, Asia, and Latin America to give Basketball clinics, run Basketball academies and provide personal training for professional players.


I play international co-founders Maurice Riddick and Babacar Camara, saw Basketball academies were needed to pass onto the next generation of Ball players the fundamentals of the game, also use the academy as a stepping stone for young players wanting to play College Basketball in the United States, or professionally.